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Everyone is a student. Yes!! Even the teachers....

They should keep on learning and imparting that knowledge by using various means.
Are your school teachers using apt tools and Teaching methodologies? Using the traditional
chalk board and text book for teaching makes the teaching and learning process mundane.
By adopting varied teaching methods and tools, the students tend to learn with fun and
remember for longer run. But how will you know whether your teachers are utilizing sufficient
tools and methodologies to impart knowledge amongst the students? Can this be one of the
factors to determine performance of the teacher? Won't your school stand out amongst the
crowd, by making the process of teaching and learning fun and engrossing?

No Doubt!!!!

Lets see how this can be done...

1. eTechSchool provides a platform where the teachers can know which tools and methods
need to be used for their teaching areas. For example projects, model making, group discussion etc.
Can be some of the interesting ways of self learning.

2. Whenever a teacher teaches using different methods and tools, she will register the same in eTechSchool,
like for which subject and class did she use them.

3. eTechSchool will generate interesting analytical reports showing, which teachers are learning the teaching
process and which still need to improve.
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